Survival gear to Have: Bahco Laplander

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One of the most uselfull tools to have in a bugout bag is a folding saw. The folding saw is lightweight, compact, and can quicly abliterate smaller diameter logs. If you want to go compact with a big bite, the Bahco Laplander is for you.

gideonstactical Is an outdoors channel on youtube that reviews products that will help you survive in the wilderness. He does reviews on the needed tools for survival along with pre-made survival kits.

The bahco laplander is a folding saw that is perfect for backpacking because of it low weight and short length.


  • blade length: 7 in.bahco laplander
  • overall length: 16 in. (9 in. closed)
  • weight: 6.6 oz.
  • Ruberized handle
  • coated blade
  • hardpoint XT7 teeth
  • open/close locking mechanism
  • thick plastic frame
  • cuts on push and pull