2017 Woodworking tools to have: Dewalt Compact XR Reciprocating Saw

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The Reciprocating Saw! A must needed tool for anyone and any job. The “Saws all” is a very versatile cutting tool that can cut through almost anything in its path.

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When Purchasing a saws all, one must take into count the power of the saw, the length of stroke, blade action, if the tool is comfortable to use and whether you want a cord or a battery.

Dewalt is a great brand with a bunch of tools that fit conformable in the hand and get the job done quick and easily.

The XR Reciprocation Saw comes with a 5 amp battery that will last for a full day of use. The Shoe is smooth and the size is great for getting jobs done in tight places.


The saw is lightweight, has a variable speed, and a good blade length. It Has a key-less four position clamp with a nice little LED light.

The saw is not the most powerful and  has a lot of vibration.