About Me


Hello! I have been a DIY handyman my entire life. I love doing things with my bare hands and strive to build and fix whatever I can. I am basicaly a self taught human swiss army knife that turns to the internet to see how to make things.

I am also a fan of the outdoors. I spend my time outside and I have fallen in love with bushcraft and survival skills. I want to be able to stand my ground and survive in a SHTF situation. I love going camping and I always go the traditional route with axes and hand saws as opposed to mechanical equipment that takes fuel and will eventually get destroyed.

My goal with this website is to create a collection of projects that anyone can do on their own no matter what skiils they do or don’t have. These projects varry from simple five minute crafts and projects, to challenging projects that take alot of time and work to complete.

I also wish to inform others on the many needed bushcraft and survival skills that everyone should have. Having these skills will help them survive in rough situations and give them the ability to hunt, trap, create fires, and collect water wherever they are with the materials around them.

If you want to make your own projects or be able to survive the apocalypse, visit the home page of this site to get started