Basic wood tools to have

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When Just starting to get into woodworking, it is hard to know what tools you need that is both effective and inexpensive. There are a lot of tools out there and there are several name brands that make it almost impossible for a beginner to figure out how to get quality equipment for cheap.

Social Wood Works helps out the beginners with a guide that tells you what tools you need to start making your own projects on a budget. These basic tools are essential to get any wood projects done that you have lined up.

When it comes to making projects, it is a must to have the basic measuring tools. A good tape measure and square will give you the ability to make precise measurements and allow you to make the right angles you need for a professional look.

Now that you know where you need to cut, its time for a saw. A traditional handsaw will get the job done but makes use susceptible to crooked cuts, it takes more time, and more effort to cut. A circular saw is also a great idea but I would I recommend a miter saw that will be able to give you a precise 90 degree cuts along with being able to make accurate angled cuts.

On projects that you need cut shapes and be able to cut in tight spaces, you need to get you hands on a jigsaw or reciprocating saw. These tools are great for cutting shapes and are versatile enough to cut through multiple materials.

With the parts of the project all cut, we know have to put them together. A Hammer and nails is the most inexpensive way to put these projects together. The problem is that it is very time-consuming. For light projects, a nail gun is the way to go but for extra strength I recommend getting a cordless drill and using screws.

Wood glue is also a great way to secure pieces together, especially when using it with nails or screws. When working with wood glue you are going to need clamps that help tighten the boards together, leaving no gaps that could make the project fall apart with use.

The project is now put together but it looks rough. Its time to pull out a sander that will give the project a smooth finish and a profession look. For small crafts a hand sander is all you need but when dealing with large furniture, an orbital sander or belt sander will make the job go a lot quicker.

After the project is smooth it is ready for a finish. Use high quality brushes to add stain or paint that will give it a one of a kind look. For professional work, an airless paint sprayer is an awesome tool to have if you have the money.