Bushcraft shelters to make: Tiled Roof Hut

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See how you could make a very sturdy bushcraft shelter that can  handle whatever teh end of days has to offer.

Primitive Technology is a great channel on youtube that can teach you the skills that the cavemen had to count on for survival. I find it fascinating what he does with clay that he finds on the ground. This Tiled roof hut shows us how skilled this guy is with dirt.

This modern cave man Builds a mud hut in the middle of the woods with only his bare hands!

He then tops it off with his homemade tiles made from clay that is shaped and fired in his homemade kiln.

Using branches and other bits of wood as a frame that is secured with strands of grass and whatever else he can find in the wilderness, he makes a solid bushcraft frame to build his hut off of.

He finds a stash of clay near a riverbed which he could use to make tiles for the roof that can add a modern look plus help waterproof the house.

After the tiles are shaped and finished in the kiln, he starts making the roof.tiled roof hut frame

With the diy tile roof completed that is suported  on a solid frame, he starts grabbing red clay and slowly but surely adds a way layer by layer at a time.tiled roof hut frame build

With the walls completed he starts making a simple wood door to allow easy access going in and out.

With time speeding by and a fire  drying out the mud, this awesome long term survival shelter is completed. roof tiled hut

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