Bushcraft Skills to have: Cord and Pump Drill.

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The most important thing to create out in the wild is fire. Fire is a necessity to have. It is your only natural source of heat to prevent hypothermia. It allows you to cook food and disinfect water. There are thousands of ways to make fire and the more you know the better.

The bow and drill is the most primitive way to create fire. It focuses on the energy created with the friction of two sticks rubbing together to produce a hot ember that will light off your tinder.

This caveman fire starter is hard to get the hang of and can leave you hands tired and damaged. This system can be hacked to make it easier and less time-consuming.

cord drill fire starter

You can hack your bow and drill into a cord drill with this simple addition. Just find a circular rock and drill a hole in the mild big enough to fit your drill securely in. You could also use clay to mold this rock for a more symmetrical look. Then grab long strands of grass or other material and braid them into a rope.

Cut a slit into the top of the drill and wrap the cordage tightly along the shaft of the drill. With this completed cord drill all you have to do is pull the strands of cordage apart and the drill will spin itself to create the and ember easily.

Another way to make fire easily is to hack the bow drill into a pump drill. All you do is take that cord drill you have, attach a sharp rock to the bottom of the cord drill you created and drill a hole into a piece of wood the size of the shaftpump drill fire starter.

Next, you will put the wood on top of the rock and connect the cordage to the ends of the wood. This will transform your pull apart action into a pump-action that will have more control of the drill and make getting that ember even faster.

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