Bushcraft tools to have: The Ferro rod

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The ferro rod is by far the best and easiest way to start fires without a lighter or gasoline, This rod shoots sparks of molten metal in a concentrated area to light up any tinder fast and easy. These sparks can be around 5,430 degrees Fahrenheit and can set fire to even wet tinder!

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The ferro rod works by scraping the metal with a sharp edge to create an shower of molten sparks. Having the right amount of pressure is a key ingredient to getting the best out of your ferrocerium rod.Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter - Black

The most important part of the ferro rod is the striker. The striker must have a sharp 90 degree edge to get the most sparks. The default tungsten strikers that comes with ferro rods work great and can produce enough sparks to get the job done. If the striker is missing,the flat edge on the back of your knife can work just as well. The saw blade of a multi-tool can also be a great striker if that is what you have.

You can find strikers for your ferro rod in the trash or the wilderness. A piece of a broken glass bottle that has a sharp edge can be used in a pinch and any sharp rock harder than the ferro rod can produce a spark.

When it comes to buying ferro rods, you also have to look at the different hardness of the rod Fire-Fast Fire Starter- Best Survival Gear- Magnesium and European Ferro Rod- The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Fire Starter- Compact Tool for Bushcraft, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Hunting, or Bug Out Bagitself. A softer ferro rod will be easier to strike and create a huge shower of sparks but will deteriorate quicker. A harder ferro rod is perfect for a survival situation because it will last a long time but the sparks won’t be as big and will be harder to get a fire started.

I would also recommend looking at magnesium fire starters. These fire starters are used by the military because of its reliability. It is basically a ferro rod with a magnesium block that can be scraped into a quarter size pile of shavings and lit off to create a fire that is super hot and water proof.

Now you know that you need several strikers in your bugout bag along with several ferro rods with different harnesses.

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