Survival Gear for the Bugout Bag: Henry Ar-7

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The Henry U.S. Survival Riffle is a compact, take down .22 riffle that is a perfect addition to your bugout bag list. This .22 is perfect for a get home bag since it can be dissembled quick and easily. All of the parts of the riffle is stored in the stock.

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Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle reviewThe Henry Ar-7 is a survival riffle that can be assembled and dissembled without any tools. All these parts are stored in the stock of the riffle with room for two eight round magazines with one magazine in the receiver.

This U.S. survival riffle is weather resistant, water resistant, and is coated with Teflon.The rear and front sides are adjustable that will allow you to be accurate enough to put food on the table. The trigger pull is a little high at 6 lbs. 2.5 oz.

It is compact with a a length of 35 inches while assembled, and just 16.5 inches while tore down and It weighs in at only 3.4 lbs for a fully functioning semi automatic .22LR take-down survival riffle.

Maintenance is easy because it can be taken down quickly without tools.