Wood Burning Basics

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Wood burning, like painting, is a fantastic way to pass time. It makes your brain go into a separate world where time starts to fly by.

Dylan’s DIY Workshop teaches us the basics of this art and show us what he can do by showcasing his work in his channel.

When starting to get into this hobby there are many things to understand.

The first thing you must know is that it is very difficult to get the hang of. It takes a lot of practice to even get down the pressure needed to get the darkness you want.

The second thing is that patience is key. All These videos are sped up. Simple projects can take ours to do.

The last thing you need to know is to not go cheap. The main thing that makes this hobby a pain for beginners is their equipment. Cheap wood burners will most likely only have one setting. That setting is a very hot setting that will make at very difficult to shade and add depth to your work.

Now that you know what makes or breaks you in this hobby lets get to the basics.

When it comes to buying equipment, the more money you put into it the easier it is. You want a tool with a variable temperature setting. This will give you flexibility to shade, lighten or darken your art. Your are also going to need several tips for several jobs.

Now the technique! You want to have a good grip. Having a good grip gives you more control over the tool. Having control can be hard depending on how the grain of the wood is. You are going to put mild pressure while burning .This makes an easily seen mark while not being completely black or leaving a gouge in the wood.