Woodworking Tools to Have: SawStop Table Saw

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SawStop table saws are some of the most advanced tables saws that has ever been invented. The company dedicatied alot of time to figure out how to make the most dangerous tool in the workshop one of the safest tools you could use.

FurnitureWorkshop Takes the saw stop through the ropes and gives a playlist of videos to go in depth of the safety features and what this thing can do.

The SawStop table saws uses an automatic brake design that will instantly stop the saw blade’s motion  and drops it out of reach before there is even a stratch on your finger.

They are the leading table saw comany in accuracy, durability, dust control and design innovation.

This design works because the blade holds a small electrical signal, when skin contacts the blade, its conductivity changes the signal and activates the safety system.

After the system is activated, the aluminum brake springs and makes contact with the blade

stopping it in less than 5 milliseconds! The blade’s angular momentum  then drives it beneath the table, removing the risk of subsequent contact. The power to the motor is then shut off.

After a crisis adverted, you can easily Reset the saw simply by replacing the blade and the brake cartridge. It will only takes less than five minutes to have the saw back up and running.